My aim is to write poems that get to the essence of a person, concept, or idea.

Who is Julie (Jewelie) Sullivan?

By Julie Sullivan

Julie Bishop Sullivan is a proud mother and a wife

She had been a long time teacher but now has a brand new life

Her daughter is an expert in the amazing field of dreams

And Julie took a class from her to learn what strange dreams mean

The class was filled with 40 new processes and modalities

Julie was intrigued by them, that was an actuality!

So Julie took these processes and turned them into poems

She got down to the nitty gritty and really brought the meaning home

Now Julie did discover that she was not so good at dreams

But she found a silver bullet and so she let out quite a scream!

She loved the cadence of a rhyme combined with meaning too

Writing what are called “Word Quilts” would be the thing she’d do

Next she wrote 50 “word quilts” about teaching middle school

Knowing that new teachers can use a hand or helpful tool

Then Julie took a class that combined dreams and business brands

It centered on marketing ideas and where your niche might land

Again she wrote those “word quilts” about the people that she met

And weaved their stories into poems, now her mind was really set!

She has called her business Jewelie’s Jems and this is what she’ll do

She wants to write more poems for you and for your loved ones too!

Need a custom poem?

Jewelie will create the perfect poem for your loved one or that well deserved business associate. $40.00

Once payment is received, Jewelie will contact you about your poem!

What people are saying…

Amy Sayers:
“You are amazing! Thank you for this gift! I hope you publish all of these poem impressions. I love the way you paint a picture of each and everyone of us! Blessings to you.”

Jo Sutton:
“There is nothing like being recreated, seen and poetically reflected by you.”

Stitching stories with yarn that ryhmes