Don’t let beauty pass you by as if it were a breeze

There is beauty in most everything, why even in a sneeze

What is beautiful about a sneeze, I bet that you can’t guess!

It’s when a perfect stranger turns to you and says “God bless”

To be sophisticated and appear almost aloof

Is not so fun or dreamy and I have got the proof

A truly joyful person sees the sunrise every day

And knows that most gorgeous things are free and not for pay

A reverie of colors can delight you from the start

What is beautiful to your eyes also fills your heart

A child’s laugh, a brand new car, a falling leaf, a field of grain

A moonlit night, a grandma’s hug, a mountain slope, a summer rain

But what about the things that seem to be so dreary

When looking at some sadness our eyes can get quite teary

But there is real beauty in some quite unlikely places

Like a homeless man who shares a pair of shoes with real laces

The child who is on his knees fascinated by a bug

The lonely person’s smile who has just received a hug

Put yourself smack in the way so beauty knocks you down

Let it knock you off your feet and take away that frown!

What people are saying…

Jules Andres:
“That’s is AMAZING!!! I feel so very special. . Thank you wonderful Julie. (Snnnniiiiiifffffffff)”

“Wow, the Jewelie gift fairy visited me too….What a poetic genius… I too am so honored and very grateful that the amazingly talented Julie Sullivan has written a poem about me! I feel so very privileged to be given this gift…. thank you Jewelie.”

I Am That, I Am

I take a walk around the town and everything I see

The birds, the people on the street are all a part of me

The flowers, children playing tag, the clouds up in the sky

The postman walking down the street, the baker’s apple pie

The sweet old lady taking time to help another soul

The high school soccer player who has scored another goal

The homeless man who has his things in a grocery cart

They are all a part of me and live within my heart

We’ll be a lot less judging and take an understanding point of view

When the world treats us all the same, I hope this dream comes true

So when I come across someone who I think is odd

I remember that the both of us share a loving God

I will softly say (I am that, I am) to whomever I meet today

To remind myself to treat the world in a just and caring way.

~Jewelie Sullivan, Certified Dream Life Coach

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Happy Birthday Kelly

Forty six years ago we had a baby girl!

We picked the name of Kelly instead of picking Pearl

You came into our lives when we were very young

You were such a gift of joy and also so much fun!!

The memories of your childhood were oh such a delight

Our little meetings in the hall, telling stories in the night

Laughter with your sisters along with an occasional fight

Softball games, and soccer and dances at your school

Lots of slumber parties and boyfriends who were cool

All those holidays with cousins, Halloween trick or treats

Phones always ringing and Grandma’s making sweets

Lots of lifelong friends you’ve made along your path in life

And about twelve years ago you became your Dana’s wife!

Your Mom and Dad couldn’t be any prouder of our girl

And we wish this next year will be for you a Happy Joyful Whirl!

Margaret Sullivan

Peggy was the only girl in the original Sullivan tribe

Not an easy place to be or even to describe

With 2 brothers who were younger and 2 brothers who were older

The only way to get along was to be a little bolder

To find a way to hold her own she made some rules for boys

Don’t ever enter Peggy’s room, don’t ever touch my toys

She liked to cook and make such things like an ice cream bomb

Cookies like her chocolate chips and pies sweet as a song

Pretty handmade decorations appeared on a Christmas tree

During holidays especially she became a busy bee

She was the most amazing aunt who never seemed to cease

Making plans and doing things for a nephew or a niece

Her special love was for her son her pride and also joy

He filled her life up to the brim, a very active boy

He took her in the direction to become a soccer mom

And like many other things she really was the bomb!

She’ll always live within our heart I really have to say

We often think of Peggy, yes we miss her every day!!

Need a custom poem?

Jewelie will create the perfect poem for your loved one or that well deserved business associate. $40.00

Once payment is received, Jewelie will contact you about your poem!

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